Friday, 25 September 2009

Relocated again... temporarily

If anyone out there is still reading this, my apologies for the long delay BUT I have been very busy with:

The E17 Art Trail Blog

... I even got paid for it. Rather annoyingly I am still waiting to be paid for a job I did in the UAE in March! So 6 months and counting. Will I get ever it??? Place bets now...

Anyway..... I am now re-locating again. This time it's only for two months but it's the BIG EAST - WEST US ROAD TRIP. Planning this trip kept myself and spouse sane while marooned behind the high walls of a university campus in Sharjah without a car for 10 months. Given that spouse and I are still unemployed, we concluded that now is the time to head out on the US highway.

So.... .. watch this space because I will try and blog about the whole trip and the art I find on the way. Hopefully it will be as off beat and underbelly as possible.... it is definitley not going to be the MOMA and the Metropolitan dahhhling!