Monday, 24 April 2017

Not a long holiday...

Apologies if you've been looking here for the latest shows at the Hastings Arts Forum and haven't found them.  Unfortunately, I haven't just been on a long holiday but have had an​ ongoing back problem. This means I can't lift, bend or sit so have been unable to help hang the new shows for quite a while. I have also been unable to sit at a computer so haven't even been able to review anything. This all completely sucks.

The only upside is that I've had a lot of time to think and have concluded that there obviously needs to be more people writing about art in Hastings.

As a consequence I have come up with an idea for a Hastings based writer-in-residence project that will pair creative writing groups, journalists and students with local galleries. The writers will be resident for half a day in the galleries and will have to produce a piece of writing based on the experience. They could review the show or write a short story inspired by an image in that show.  Other possibilities could be poetry or any other kind of creative piece that explores thoughts and feelings while immersed in a gallery.

Once I am more mobile again  I will  start working on a proposal for this project so watch this space. I will also try and post up a few images from upcoming HAF shows even if I wont be able to hang them or sit down and write about them for a little while longer!