Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Don't get married in Vegas

My residency visa remains elusive. It seems like a simple matter of just being added to your spouse's visa but there are complications in our case which are still causing delays. We are UK citizens but we got married in the US. We investigated this before we came and thought we had all the necessary documents but yesterday's visit to immigration held up two more legal and bureaucratic document hoops to jump through.

My advice to anyone who chooses to marry in a country that they were not born in is DON'T ... unless you are sure you will never live in any other country again or you have the kind of budget that allows you to just pass the problem to somebody else to sort out!

Never mind. We'll get there in the end and I am off to the UK tomorrow for a holiday and a wedding and a regular summer exhibition that I have organised from here this year. The arts group that I do this show for now refers to me as the outsource office in Dubai. While in London I am also planning to do an unscientific poll where I ask everyone I meet what word comes into their head first when I say... DUBAI.

In the meantime here's a special digital carpet composed of 3 different images relevant to Dubai although the overall design is based on the joys of pixellation.


  1. erm, hello blighty and hello Gordon.

    sorry I am not a better e-friend right now but we are attempting to move house in a hurry.

    drop art and start writing, you have enough material to be the new kafka.

  2. The words that first came into my cesspit of a mind when I thought of Dubai were sex and shopping. Veronica is much more respectable than I am and came up with "cosmopolitan"

  3. You went all the way to Vegas to get married...whats the story..you don't seem the kind who will indulge in such frivolous things...well but then i know people change over time and also that its difficult to know what people are and wrong to form opinions about strangers.
    Dubai for me is bigotry...practiced or avoided, as the case be, in pursuit of profit or pleasure.