Friday, 16 May 2008

Mushroom Blancmange

I am starting a full time job in June and am already having doubts. The two days I currently work are spent in several frustrating ways. Figuring out how to nail down blancmange in zero gravity seems to have become the overall project. I draft invitations and requests for information which elicit no response and I send emails containing crucial questions about the nature of blancmange development which never get answered.

I mostly sit in a vacuum watching time and my intellectual faculties slip away. 'Why am I here?' I ask myself repeatedly. If something concrete to do does appear I get as excited as a laboratory rat when somebody rattles the food pipe, but invariably it ends in tragedy (farce, if my pride manages to stay above it!).

It wasn't like this at the beginning. In fact, I think it was my linguistic dexterity that gave the blancmange recipe credibility in the first place. So I guess you could argue that I've brought it on myself. However, I did not expect to be subsequently mushroomed. I am now left completely in the dark and not even fed shit! No wonder a recent regional employment survey found job satisfaction in the UAE was extremely low!


  1. nailing down blancminge? like it

  2. Wassa matter wid U? can't U fuggin spell??

  3. Don't give up on the blancmange, whatever it means... What's blancmange? Wikipedia says it's a pop band or a dessert... H & I are off to Brighton today - for a glorious day in the rain on the beach :-)

  4. Kat, if you were not hurrying yourself up for that rain on the beach you would have figured it out. I don’t think she would like not giving up on blancmange, more so when the pudding is flying in the zero gravity (Newtonian as well as platonic) state, this city is accustomed to.
    Val, I would rather say...please give up trying to nail it down...I may not understand or accept a lot of things but I very well know what is worth pursuing and what is not.
    When I think more about it, I wonder why did you use this particular phrase, you could have said the same thing in a far easier way. Has it got anything to do with blancmange being white? Has it got the undertones of racialism? Were you trying to say something more than what is apparent to a common reader, well off course? We are talking about a master writer whose linguistic dexterity gives things credibility....You may keep staring in the night sky lying down in a place far from city light. You may watch the mountains and the sea endlessly, happily. Try staring at your own palm placed 2 inches far from your face..sweetie, a limited vision is a vision fatigued...Meanwhile I keep talking with myself; at least I have me for myself to talk to.
    Keep writing, no matter what my comments are you know I thoroughly enjoy your blog...cheers

  5. Amish said

    "I may not understand or accept a lot of things "

    Ha ha! You certainly don't understand this post! That said the subtleties and varieties of blancmange can require a lifetime of study. My personal favourite was always chocolate. The French root of the noun really doesn't do the substance justice!

  6. Nature Strikes Back said...

    "A lifetime of study"

    wish i had a lifetime to study, to doubt. we are expected to be sure,to be confident in our own foolisness.