Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Grinch who stole my job…

I now know how I feel about being back and it ain’t good! On Monday morning I discovered that my part time job that became a full time job and then went back to a part time job has now become a no time job. Yes… I am now officially unemployed.

Although I'm happy with the job I did and can console myself with valuable insight gained into the chaotic and brutal nature of local cultural politics, it still sucks! I am now back to square one contemplating the work search all over again except with zero enthusiasm for any further contribution to this voracious and slightly schizophrenic machine!

As if this didn’t make the first day of Ramadan 2008 memorable enough, I discovered Monday evening that my purse had disappeared. The only explanation was that I’d dropped it in a taxi so I called the lost property office of all the cab companies in Dubai to register the loss that evening. The following morning I called them all again but no purse had been found so I then called the bank to cancel my cards. It came as quite a shock when the bank informed me that a cab driver had already called and cancelled them for me! Unfortunately, the bank had taken no record of the cab drivers phone number, name or cab company. So I know that a cab driver found my purse. I know that he was honest and kind enough to cancel my cards even though I find that a little bizarre. So I called the cab companies back and informed them of this development but still none of them had my purse.

So what does this mean? That the companies are lying? That the cab driver cancelled my cards but for some bizarre reason kept my purse? Very frustrating knowing that your purse is out there with no way of getting it back. There wasn’t much money in it - there’s never much money in it - but it is those little personal things that are the real loss.

The only thing that is good right now is that I have been asked to participate in an exhibition at the Courtyard Gallery in November. Beyond that I have no idea but if anyone can point me in the direction of the Bur Dubai dole office I’d appreciate it!


  1. Its like the 80s all over again. On the jam roll, personal possessions go awol, nowhere you can call home, and mysterious dark forces working for the shadow state are managing your personal affairs. It sounds like you need a pint of heavy and a long cigarette baby

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  3. Is that the name on your birth certificate??

  4. "zero enthusiasm for any further contribution to this voracious and slightly schizophrenic machine"
    Given my anti establishment tendencies and a state of mind which seems to have become permanent,its no wonder i would like this phrase. hey were you carrying your 80 pc sanity in that purse too?

  5. aahhh.... I thought u were either dead or in the himalayas .... both if you were lucky!

    Fortunately I'd left my sanity at home that evening! Thanks for asking.

  6. half lucky...been to the himalayas but got back alive...see you are bound to be rather forgetful when operating on 20 pc sanity :)