Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My four days of the Dubai dream...

This week I am house and cat sitting for a friend who lives in a Dubai dream villa! Each day starts with a majestic descent of the wide marble staircase then padding gently across the huge antique Persian rug in the hall I sweep into the light and spacious kitchen. While the coffee is brewing. I fix breakfast, collect the newspapers by the door and then head through the patio doors for the poolside. After a leisurely breakfast I take a light morning swim, a long and luxurious shower in my own bathroom and only then do I think about turning on the laptop.

The laptop even has its own room overlooking the front garden and in between emails, articles and updating proposals, I watch the birds delicately flitting from tree to tree. I then head out to all the meetings I've arranged over these four days to discuss my new project. The project gets an amazing response from everybody I pitch it to and I get lots of good advice and contacts as well as unconditional offers of support. I also get to see a lot of new exhibitions, every taxi I take has a lovely driver and I don't get stuck in any traffic!

I return to my fabulous villa, write up my notes and then spend an hour or so swimming in the cool, freshwater pool while the overhanging bougainvillea branches drop flowers gently into the water......

In the evenings I catch up with friends I've hardly seen since moving to Sharjah and go to a book launch where I see lots of other people I haven't seen since leaving Dubai. The four days really remind me of what is good about Dubai and what I miss about it but mostly they reveal just how much easier life is when lived from a spacious villa with a pool set in a beautiful secluded garden!

It really got me thinking that its time for a career change. Hmmm..... will start investigating how I can become a professional international house and cat sitter.....


  1. Yep, in this city, you need to have the right job, the right income and the right 'accomodation' to love it, otherwise, it's just like any other city ...
    Cat sitting, wow! is it even difficult haha.

  2. Hey,

    As you are an expatriate/foreigner, (expatriates social networking website) might interest you.

    You might want to put it in your links page, it may help your readers as well.

  3. cat shitting is the problem AM, and that is perhaps one detail tastefully omitted from the other, poolside, attractions.

  4. Sadly I am now living back in reality but am hoping this friend either goes away again soon or introduces me to some of her other friends with villas :)

    DubNik - cat litter is very technologically advanced these days... you hardly know the shit's there!

  5. stubled upon ur blog while looking for info on sharjah biennale. definitely will visit again to catch up on older post :)

    Malaysian installation artists are suffering in silence here :( our screams are yet to be heard

  6. Hi PotP good luck! Will check out Malaysian installation artists!