Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Was it all a dream??

I have now been back in the UK for over a month and it is rather disturbing that the past 2 years in the UAE seem to have left no trace whatsoever. I have only thought about it twice - once when a plane flew low enough over my garden to read 'Emirates' on its undercarriage and once when I saw the UAE listed in a money transfer office full of Pakistanis in my local high street. If it wasn't for the evidence of this blog I would find it hard to believe that the last two years had actually happened!

Catching up with friends who have had major changes in their lives is a stark reminder that I have been elsewhere. Similarly the fact that we are loving the rain (a pleasure we can't share with anyone else in this country) also points to a semi-detached status. However, any sense of where we have been for all that time is almost completely absent. It's like having a mild form of amnesia.

Perhaps when I start working properly again and especially if I start reviewing some arty stuff that has a UAE connection, my memory may return..... or maybe I just need to find a taxi ....


  1. me thinks it's because you havent been back in the UK long enough...
    let the dust settle, then the memories will surface. (i'm hoping...)

  2. Thanks Hemlock. Will keep you posted!

  3. May be you should save the link to my blog in your favourites?