Monday, 30 November 2009

Missing Dubai..

Got back from the US trip a week or so ago and London has been pissing down with rain ever since. Combined with the inevitably dramatic next episode of the family soap and the slight matter of having no job and thus zero income ... yep... reality is kicking in big time!

Luckily my mind has been slightly taken off all of this grimness by the kind of drama in Dubai which is really making me wish I was there! First, people one wouldn't have expected to lose their jobs did and then it was revealed that Sheikh Mo didn't buy any new racehorses in Kentucky this year.... er.... I mean that Dubai World can't pay its debts as scheduled. The news was mostly covered in the UK in the usual slavering and hysterical fashion and I lost count of the glaring factual errors even in the so called quality press (FT being the honourable exception). I also lost count of how many times I read 'playground of the rich', 'desert sands shift' and that old favourite 'dark side'. Will somebody please rescue British Journalism?

Anyway.... what all of this means is that the exchange of gossip, rumour and speculation in the UAE right now must be absolutely unmissable.... and I am deeply sorry that I am missing it. It was what made living there most worthwhile! Well ... and the weather in winter. And the art of course....


  1. Not forgetting the exhilarating adrenalin rush of Sheikh Zayed Road at rush hour (make that any time) :-D


  2. Anon:
    Yes..... I managed to give up excessive exclamation marks but know I still need to work on the ellipsis.

    Deadly Jelly
    I used to do that on a bus so not quite so adrenalising. I do miss the thrill of the Abra tho'.