Sunday, 6 August 2017

Rising Talent - Ellie Saliba

Final interview on the final day of the show! Ellie Saliba... have to admit I really, really like her cool, creepy clown girls.... :) 

Please tell us something about yourself and your art?
I am still a learner artist, I just finished my first college course and am going onto a foundation art course at my college (Sussex Coast), and hopefully from there I will continue into University and go on from there. As art is a big passion of mine I don't think I will give it up. With my art I am still exploring different styles and techniques that I like experimenting with and finding my own personal style. I mostly do photography and illustration as I like the mixed media of the two. 

Which other artists do you like or find particularly interesting?
One artist I find interesting is definitely Cindy Sherman and her different takes on her photography, like her clown persona series, definitely a big influence to me and my work as it identifies different aspects and hidden personalities in a single person. 

I also find Van Gogh's meaning interesting and a inspiration to artists. As a man who didn't have much, the city thought he was a mad man and he was incredibly depressed, yet he managed to create such beautiful pieces full of light and choice of bright, eye catching colours. 

Though he is a fashion designer, the late Alexander McQueen, has always been an influence to me since I was a little girl walking past his London Fashion House. I was interested in the bold and dramatic art of the clothing he designed and displayed. 

Why is making art important to you?
Art is important to me because I feel like it's a self therapy, I feel free and powerful when I have my pencil in my hand. But sometimes I have a concept or a vision and I like to make it come true with the help of a pencil and paint. It's a way of expressing who I am, especially if it is a very personal piece like my 'Clown' series.

What would help you to develop your art further in the future?
Well....  going into a new art course with new tutors, new inspiration. And when I hopefully go to a university, I can learn the traits of the art world and hopefully that would be a world I can soon be part of. I just need to find my own individual style that is personal to me and make my mark. 

Rising Talent at the Hastings Arts Forum
July 25th - August 6th

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