Thursday, 10 May 2018

Festival 15 - Rachel Glittenberg

I’m Not Afraid, I Was Born To Do This
(oil on canvas, 90 x 90cm 2018).

Can you tell us something about your work in this show and something about how your work has developed over the years. 
Using a mix of my imagination, life drawing and photographic references, I borrow elements from history and folklore to explore aspects of the human condition; love, death, sadness, happiness, relationships, and more specifically, how it feels to be a woman in the 21st Century. 

What you find most enjoyable and/or difficult about the process of creating art? 
I find so many enjoyable aspects to painting.  Being in the flow and waiting for the next piece of the jigsaw to be revealed. My paintings are created in stages and I am never quite sure where I am going to be led next. I also love it when I surprise myself with what appears and I can see my work changing.  The challenge of trying something out of my comfort zone, that I wouldn’t normally do. I love the research process and being exposed to new ideas, people, places, things.   The feeling I get when the paint is flowing and it feels like I can’t do a thing wrong. Anything I paint will turn out fine and ideas are abundant.  The difficult part is the opposite of all that. Work doesn’t flow, I get stuck for ideas and can’t seem to get going. It’s at times like that when I will take a break from painting and do some chores, take a walk or look at other artists who’s work I admire, to start filling that creative well back up.

Introspection, oil on canvas
(220 x 140cms, 2018.)

What would you like to see the Hastings Arts Forum do in the future? 
It would be great to see the HAF have more workshops and talks. I have really enjoyed those happening around Festival 15. And possibly partnering up with other visual arts venues, developing an ever widening audience. How about having artists in residence? I think that would be fabulous way of supporting local artists and bring in a new perspective.

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  1. This is lovely work. I agree that there are times when the work just won't flow - leaving it and doing something else is for me the best remedy. The ideas will come when they're ready.