Thursday, 19 July 2012

Survival of the Fittest

This show is huge! In fact I think it's the biggest show that has ever been attempted at the Waterworks. It took us two days to hang and there are still a few things to be done before the opening on Saturday. There are 40 artists interpreting the 'Survival' theme very diversely and the catalogue looks great. It has been uploaded to Artcatcher but the hard copy definitely looks better.

The whole show will be there from the 21st of July until after the Olympics. The Waterworks is running a campsite for Olympic visitors and the gallery area will also be serving as the breakfast room. This means that 100s of people are going to see this show - more than any other show the Waterworks has put on so far. I just hope no one takes a fancy to the golden trainers!

Or the fruit and veg!

Or the vintage Raybans rehabilitated from a bin in Islington!

Will post more pics of whole show after the opening. 


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  2. Saw the show on Sat (21st July). Was impressed by the range of styles and general high standard of much of what I saw. Val Grove's installation works well as a "think piece" on how to "survive" as opposed to couch potatoe-ing it while others seek medals. The exhibition is on until Oct 1 and is located in the great facility that the Waterworks building and grounds are becoming. Check it out