Monday, 12 November 2012

Catching up with myself..

This blog hasn't had much happening for a while. This doesn't mean I'm not doing anything ... it just means that I haven't adjusted yet to doing everything on a phone rather than on a laptop. A lot of stuff is compatible with a small hand held device but I generally have more to say than I can fit in a tweet and a lot of images to edit and upload. Also I am more interested in the blog as archive rather than opinion. A degree of historical coherence is always useful.

Anyway... this 4 monthly update is basically going to consist of a bunch of pics from the epic 'Survival of the Fittest' which ran from early August and was so cool it was extended through to mid October. Some great feedback for this show and Mr. Team MSK was a huge hit with just about everybody except one kid a few days before the show ended who decided to pull him over.

I wasn't there but it was quite a drama apparently. The Waterworks management had to remove Mr. MSK to placate the parent of the completely freaked out kid who narrowly avoided being pinned down to the floor by the skeleton that he had insisted on provoking. What is amazing is that the skeleton has been pulled and poked and spun and stroked by hundreds and hundreds of adults and kids alike over the past 3 months and hasn't moved an inch. The force which this kid must have put into ensuring his downfall is really quite something. Eyewitnesses confirmed that parent half heartedly told child not to pull the skeleton after which child redoubled efforts and ended up scaring the shit out of himself as skeleton attacked. Good ... serves him right!!! Skeleton completely unfazed by whole experience.....

Big thanks to Tim Vine for the images and an extra big thanks for this one.......

More sooner than later as the next show opens at the end of this month. It's called WITH(OUT) and is a curated show in the Brockspace in South London. I will be revisiting 2009's Baggage Claim  for a show by international artists about international itinerancy.....


  1. Nice pics, including the one from yer man Mr Vine. The show was good too. Looking forward to the return of your suitcases, this time in south London.