Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Bizarre Anomalies

Every time I pass a phone box in Bur Dubai or a back street crossroads wall I see variations on the above. It is such a stark contrast to the three daily property supplements in Gulf News! However, it's not particular to this area or even Dubai .... which links to my earlier gripe about identifying values. Just like everywhere else, developed or developing, the values that are most apparent are commercial and the evidence of the inevitable gap between the top and the bottom becomes more stark. I am sure the middle is doing OK but who notices that?

Talking of middle I went to Spinneys for the first time the other day and for some reason it made me homicidal or at least made me want to rampage down the aisles with a baseball bat. Very strange. I think I've got so used to shopping at the cheap local supermarket with all the Asians that I'm having some kind of identity crisis. Going into a very familiar shopping environment like Spinneys reminded me of the kind of person that I really am (or was three weeks ago) and it caused some kind of pathological overload. Still... at least I finally got some decent coffee so I will be going back!

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