Friday, 15 June 2007

Recycling and Dubai Lime

Am delighted to say that I saw the buildings manager struggling with a large pile of old newspapers last week and after a conversation consisting of the four words we seemed to have in common - 'paper', 'trash', 'no' and 'ulhumdililluh' - it was clear he was collecting them for recycling. Yesterday I put out two bags of old newspapers and by the time I got back from my daily sanity dose of a swim at the local hotel pool, the bags were gone.

I knew that some kind of paper recycling must happen because I saw the recycling truck a few weeks ago (see below) and when I was down on the Deira side of the creek one evening, I also saw loads of old newspapers stacked up and waiting to be loaded onto a boat.

Have been doing lots of arts related websearches about Dubai this week and came across something that looks really, really good. It's a creative network site called Dubai Lime and it has listings, galleries, events, music and videos and its free to sign up. There's a lot of different stuff on the site and I haven't got round to it all yet but Iwill!

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