Friday, 22 June 2007

Heat, humidity and homicidal tendencies

Took a few pics of the creek then crossed over to Deira in the Abra and took more. Almost none of them came out. I didn't realise that every time I took my cold camera out of my bag and into the 44 degree humid air, the lens steamed up! So I have a nice collection of pics that are too grey even to be salvaged by Photoshop. However, two did come out, one of my favourite shop and a rare sighting of some graffiti in Deira.

I went to Deira to get a blood test which I need before I can get the residency visa, a quite straightforward procedure apparently. So, I schlepped over to Sheikh Maktoum (who else) Hospital from the Abra station assuming I could then chill in the AC while waiting for the test but ..... I didn't even get through the gate! Was intercepted by a guy who told me I needed a special document typed up in Arabic before I could get the blood test. This seemed reasonable so off I went on another 44 degree schlep round three different typing places. There was some kind of chicken and egg thing that we were on opposite sides of happening here because they all refused to do it owing to the fact that I didn't have a residency visa... er.... I'm confused!?

Left the last typing place and noticed the guy who had taken me there had disappeared so I then got lost. Finally located hospital again and got on a bus which was going in the right direction but I took a wrong turn after getting off the bus and got lost again. By the time I got back to Bur Dubai I was homicidal and I think my body temperature was at dangerous levels.

Thought I would redeem the day by going for a swim but no luck there either. Unusually the pool was FULL of large hairy men with serious beards and their overweight children. I sat there reading patiently for about an hour and a half but then had to give up as I was starting to get dangerously emotional! Selfish b******s. Hope they all get food poisoning and that their children have to have their stomachs stapled when they're older as well.

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