Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Madinat Jumeirah

Went to Madinat Jumeirah last night to meet some friends. It was the first time I had been that far up Sheikh Zayed Road and got to see all those lit-up semi finished buildings (or the Dubai Monsters as one friend of mine calls them) some of which will be the tallest in the world. Also saw the Burj Al Arab for the first time up close..ish. There is definitely something insect-like about that building... it really does make me think of a giant cockroach especially at night when the lighting seems to enhance the 'body' sections!

As for the Madinat, lots to look at although I did find myself studying the other punters rather more than the contents of the shops. Having not really left Bur Dubai since I got here seeing all those westerners was quite a novelty especially the more immodestly dressed ones.

Interesting checking out what art is being sold though. Mostly commercial paintings and photos and classic desert scenes. With the exception of a few smaller pieces and the odd tasteful photo it was mostly pretty uninspiring but I suppose that's the nature of that particular market. The Persian rugs on the other hand, were as mesmerising as usual.

The scene outside was like a film set. Cue live music drifting on warm breeze across wide steps leading to waters edge... lights reflecting in gentle ripples from small passing boats etc. etc. etc. There was an air of unreality about the whole Madinat experience but that is probably part of the appeal.... wish I had a picture... I really must remember to start taking my camera everywhere again.

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