Monday, 22 October 2007

Festival City

Went to Festival City to try and score some frames from Ikea. I was hoping their size range would be diverse enough to find something that would fit the pics I'm exhibiting in November. No such luck! I actually ordered some frames from the local framers but they called the next day to inform me my frames would take between 2 and 3 months (??) so Ikea was plan B. I now need a rapid Plan C.

Still it was educational as all wild goose chases are, and I have concluded that I actually hate malls. This is quite disturbing given where I live but it seems that every time I go to a mall I am never able to find what I want. One consolation was the ACE hardware shop which I wandered around for some time. I really like hardware shops, not sure why but they make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Decided to get the bus back to Bur Dubai and asked someone how to get to the bus stop. She told me but with a very disturbing look on her face. Followed directions up to a point and then understood the look. The only way to the bus stop was crossing two 4 lane highways and scaling two small walls. I gave up and schlepped all the way back to Ikea for a taxi. Got a bit lost and did some unscheduled desert trekking behind ACE. This could have been crap but saw 2 different species of bird and 2 different kinds of flower. This unusual abundance of nature got me optimistic that I might bump into a hissing sand snake but sadly not. Next time maybe....

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