Monday, 15 October 2007

What I did on my holidays..

I still have a major liquidity problem... i.e.. I am still unemployed and skint. So the holidays for me and spouse consisted of staying in the house watching old DVDs we brought with us and eating in the same cheapo veggie style to which we have become accustomed. We did treat ourselves to schwarma for Eid al Fitr but at 3 DHS apiece that was hardly an extravagance.

Have had zero response from sending the new and improved CV to language schools and zero response from companies wanting proofreaders. This is despite the fact that they always need people to join their dynamic teams...

The good news is that Dubai Lime are letting me exhibit four paintings at various venues in November. This is great but will be better if there's just one kind and solvent punter out there who likes surreal looking trees?? At just DHS950 each (absolute bargain given the absurd price index of contemporary art in Dubai) this will buy 316.6 recurring, schwarmas! You could feed me for almost the entire year! If you buy 2 paintings you could feed the spouse as well and give a direct demonstration of just how much Dubai cares.

Anyway am going off the point which is ...... I spent part of the holiday being a tourist at the Dubai Museum. Also a bargain at 3DHS! It was a lot of fun and informative, although some of the waxy figures are a bit creepy and the only stuffed animal that looked like it had ever lived was the camel... and possibly the hedgehog. The culture section with the old instruments was great as were the swords and knives. The hall with the divers, pearls and the wreck of a dhow next to another one being built was good too.

Was interesting to see those little differences between the films (shown on adjacent screens) with Arabic and English explanations. I was extremely impressed that the historical commentary managed to erase the British almost completely with only a brief mention of a decision being made that they leave in 1968!

The courtyard outside was very atmospheric. Just as the sun was setting hundreds of swallows in the air above the museum started diving and swooping low over the grounds. So if you don't get freaked out by low flying birds that is really the best time to go.

A little montage by way of illustration.


  1. The decision was made in 68, the "leaving" (such as the British presence was by this point) occurred in '71 when the great act of union happened (after being guided and haggled over by the British). The "leaving" was thus about an end to the trucials that existed separately under a British defence commitment, which never really ended, as we know, and then came back in a new guise in '91. The British are always with us...some more welocme than others

  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... The amount of info in the musuem was infinitely preferable..

  3. Sorry to hear about your jobless situation. Hope you are able to sell your paintings and find a job soon. Chin up!