Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rising Talent - Amelia Allden

I am really enjoying the diversity of responses we are receiving from our Rising Talent interviews. Next up is mixed media artist, Amelia Allden. 

I am aged 46 and have spent many years creating using various mediums but never really considered or even realised that I was capable of creating pieces of artwork that would peak peoples interest.

I have no formal art training, everything I do is self-taught. I have a very deep passion for vintage things and history and I adore rummaging to find treasure for my pieces. All my pieces have at least one item that is re-purposed, which gives me an added sense of achievement that I am able to re-use and save things from being sent to landfill.

When I first started creating in mixed media, I never really knew much about the art world or artists, then I stumbled across an artist called Greg Hanson from America and I found his art very inspiring, unique & interesting.  He often made mention that he was inspired by Joseph Cornell, a famous artist who created amazing assemblage work. So I did some research and Yes: his work begin to inspire me too! I adored his use of moveable objects in his assemblage pieces and I often try to create movement in my own pieces. 

I sell work locally and I have a Facebook page called ‘Amelia’s Altered Art’ where I also sell pieces. I have many loyal customers who often purchase pieces as far afield as British Columbia.

Creating art is like a form of therapy to me, it helps to relax my mind when the stress of being a parent of an autistic child gets too much. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that someone somewhere is also enjoying my creations.

I really hope the above gives you a greater insight into what inspires me and why I create.

To see more of Amelia’s work please see her Facebook page here: Amelia’sAltered Art

25th July – 6th August
Private View: 28th July 6.30 - 8.30

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