Friday, 21 July 2017

Rising Talent - Daniel Huckfield

Our next artist is Daniel Huckfield.

Me and my art
At 43 I am a comparatively late starter in the art world. I have always been interested in art, but after being told at school I wasn't good at art I had sort of given up on making art.

However, as part of recovery from illness I started painting about 4 years ago and haven't looked back! I have just completed a Foundation Degree in Fine Art Practice at West Kent College and I am beginning a BA Fine Art top-up in September.

My art is based on an instinctive use of colour and form, I have become increasingly interested in the use of surfaces other than traditional canvas and find the tension created between a 3D surface and the paint applied very exciting.

Other artists
I found the recent Robert Rauschenberg show at Tate Modern very inspiring, particularly the combines and assemblages. I have always loved the action paintings of Jackson Pollock and whenever I am at Tate Modern I always spend time in the Rothko room. Recently I have become interested in minimalist sculpture and I am drawn to the work of Carl Andre.

Why making art is important
I started making art as a way of recovering from illness and now the love I discovered for painting has developed into a completely central part of my life. I cannot imagine not making art it is part of me and helps to fulfil me.

The foundation degree I have recently completed has helped me to develop my understanding of and thinking about art. I also spent last summer working with artist Rod McIntosh which gave me an insight into the life of an artist. The BA top up will help to build on this and develop my practice.

As far as developing outside of my studies I think the opportunity to exhibit in a range of spaces and learning from the experience will really help me to understand how an artist works in the 'real' world and learn the things they don't teach you at art school!

More of Daniel's work can be seen on his website: Daniel Huckfield
and Instagram @dhuckfield 

Rising Talent: Young and emerging artists at the Hastings Arts Forum 2017 

25th July – 6th August
Private View: 28th July 6.30 - 8.30

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