Monday, 24 July 2017

Rising Talent - Satu Viljanen

Satu Viljanen  

I’m originally from Helsinki, Finland and I studied Carpentry and Product Design when I was still living there. My long term dream was to study Sculpture and that took me to move to London and enter university at Camberwell. After graduating in 2010 life took over and it’s been a journey to try to carve time for art. I’m happy to say this is my very first exhibition since uni. The previous studies and jobs working with the interiors have influenced my art practice. There’s an ongoing interest in how spaces affect us and how we affect spaces.

Which other artists do you like or find particularly interesting?
Tatiane Freitas uses old wooden furniture as a starting point and replaces some of the parts with transparent acrylic. The results are still functional pieces of furniture but they seem to be somehow elevated with this delicate otherworldly quality.

Richard Woods has designed playful cartoon like surfaces of real materials like wood, bricks and dry stone. He paints these surfaces on to objects, structures and buildings creating artworks that could also be seen as design or decoration.

I’m intrigued by the work of these artists because both of them blur the line between art and design.

Why is making art important to you?
By making art I encourage myself to concentrate on subjects and moments I wouldn’t necessarily otherwise notice.It allows me to be curious, geeky, and allocate time just for the wandering thoughts. And for me these wandering thoughts are needed to feel grounded and happy.

What would help you to develop your art further in the future?
I would love to find new people to have art conversations with. A positively critical peer group is so important when mulling over some new ideas or just wanting some advice. Also hopefully there will be some more exhibitions or other involvements to push me creatively and to keep me busy developing new work.

25th July – 6th August
Private View: 28th July 6.30 - 8.30

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